Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well I've done it!

Okay, so I wasn't quite ready... I like things to be perfect. Well maybe done right is more like it. Maybe it's my Virgoan nature, maybe I'm a perfectionist, but one thing I've started learning in this past year is to let go a little bit. Because really, who's going to notice that the color of the drop down area is wrong? But I know these things and that's why I've held off on launching my new website and blog.

Well in an effort to streamline my workload a bit, I've decided to go ahead and launch my new blog in all of it's unperfected glory! From now on you can visit me at my new blog at

It's not "perfect", but neither am I. And like my life and my business, I can always continue to "tweak" it as I go!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jessica & Josh's Detroit Engagement Session

As a kid my mom used to call me "Elephant Ears" because I was always hanging around and listening in when she was talking with someone. You know, those adult conversations and just when it's about to get good, they've spied you? Okay, so maybe I was a little bit. She'd always notice when I was lingering a little too long pretending to look for something eat or she'd spot me peaking around the corner because they had lowered their voices. I just wanted to know what was going on....

See, even as and little girl I wanted to be in on things. Only now, I refer to it as being in "the loop" and I don't eavesdrop quite as much. I'm sorry internet, but there's sometimes when I just can't help myself. Like when you're out and over hear something the people nearby say. If it's good, you'll pretend to be looking at something just to listen a little bit longer? Right? I can't be the only one who does this... The fact of the matter is, I love being in "the loop". There's just something I love about knowing what's going on with the people around me. And it makes me feel like I'm a part of something.

So when Jola told me that I might be getting a phone call soon from her bff and bridesmaid Jessica because Josh was going to propose soon, I was excited not only because I adored Jessica and the opportunity to document her wedding would be nothing short of amazing, but because I was in "the loop"!

Jessica and Josh are getting married this October and I know that it's going to go down as one of my favorites! They are such a fun couple with great taste, (and a killer venue) and they really know how to have fun together. From going to Tiger's Games, working out, and camping together to going out to eat, shopping for things to eat, and making things to eat - not sure where either of them put all this food they talk about, they must live at the gym!

When I asked them to tell me some of their favorite things to do together, they said (simultaneously) that going to Tiger's Games was definitely number one. So it was very fitting that we started off their engagement session at Comerica Park.


After a quick outfit change we went to Campus Martius where Jessica rocked out this fantastic dress. Absolutely stunning girl!

The Compuware building has this fantastic waterfall and I'm so glad we popped in there! This is definitely a top favorite image from our session.

A random chair in Detroit always makes for an interesting shot...

Love your shoes lady!

We tried to get them to let us on to the Detroit Princess for a couple of pictures, but they wouldn't let us. But we couldn't resist a quick dance to the beautiful music this band was playing.

One word. Hot.

On our walk back to our cars we walked down Griswald where it had appeared that they were just finishing up working on a Christmas movie for the day. Since no one stopped us, we continued right on through and thought it might be fun for some Summertime Christmas pictures. (Jessica did some research and found out that they were filming "A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas". Now I can offically say that I was on a movie set!)

Oh yeah, I mentioned that they liked to eat right? So afterwards we hit up American Coney Island for Jessica's favorite. A coney and a beer.

Jessica and Josh, thank you for the fantastic time downtown! I had so much fun with you guys and seriously cannot wait for your wedding!

To see the rest of the images from our session, click here for a slideshow.

Tara & Brian's Metro Beach Engagement Session

I have been so very blessed with the people I've gotten to meet since I started my business. I absolutely love my clients and love the way that they let me into their lives.

I first met Tara last winter at Maniaci's Bridal Show in Richmond, and from the start I was smitten with her. I loved her classic style and her open and honest personality and am so glad that we've become friends throughout her wedding planning. One of the things that stands out the most from our first meeting was hers and Brian's son Presley. Wait until you see this cutie! I swear it was him that made Tara choose me as their wedding photographer. He seriously wouldn't take his eyes off of me the entire time I chatted with her and her mom. And we talked for quite a while... A few days after the show, I received the sweetest e-mail from her that had me literally grinning from ear to ear!

We met up at the marina area of Metro Beach for their engagement session. Brian's son is also visiting for the summer and I loved how they wanted to include their boys in their session!

Tara & Brian you two had better look out. I have a feeling these two boys are going to be little heart breakers one day.

What a gorgeous family!

Tara & Brian used to spend a lot of time on the boat when they first started dating and I love how they wanted to include that in their engagement session.

As we were walking and talking we kept noticing all of these low flying planes coming from Selfridge Base which I found fitting since that is where Brian works. We must have been quite a site as we kept trying to get one of the planes in a picture and I was excited to see that we actually got one!

Something for fun.

After we were done with the family portraits, Tara's parents took the boys home so I could spend some alone time with Tara & Brian....

Tara you are a classic beauty!

Brian, you're looking pretty good yourself!

A few seconds after this image was taken the owner of the boat peeked out the window. I can only imagine what he was thinking seeing a couple kissing next to his boat...

Another thing that I love about my clients, is they're usually up for anything. And although she may have been freaking out a little bit, this "City Girl" was game when I suggested sitting in this field. Pure awesomeness....

To see the rest of the images from our session click here for a slideshow

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sarah & Justin's Memphis Wedding

My second wedding season is well underway and Sarah & Justin's was the 5th wedding that I've been honored to be a part of this year. They were married at the Holy Family Parish in Memphis and it was a beautiful day! It was hot, maybe a little too humid and even a few showers. But it was my favorite kind of summer rain, the kind when it's raining and the sun is still shining. I L-O-V-E that kind of rain. And thankfully the bigger storms held off until after we were done with their portraits!

I'm not sure that this wedding could have been any more fun. Their wedding party was a complete riot, Alexander's in Marysville was gorgeous, the band rocked the house and with nearly 400 guests you know that this wedding was fun!

I loved all of the details Sarah had put together for her day! The mix of white, cream and vintage lace was stunning!

After the ceremony we headed to this awesome little park in Columbus (I think) for some portraits. The light was amazing and this is definitely my most favorite image from the day and it's totally going on my new website!

And this is definitely a very close second!

Can you tell how much fun these guys were? After having some fun here we headed to St. Clair for some more portrait fun with the wedding party.

The suave men....

And the uber cool ladies...

I love the serenity in this image.

I love it when I am able to get to the reception before the guests start to arrive so I can capture images like this one! The hall was just stunning with all of the blue accent lighting and the dance floor lighting was amazing!

Their cake by Buccilli's Cakes in Almont looked too good to even eat!

Some bling

The best man's toast had to be one of the funniest one's I've heard. Everyone was in stitches with laughter.

I included this image because I love it. And I love them. I'm going to be documenting Stacy & Josh's wedding this fall, and with this kinda love you know it's going to be an awesome day!

The band was AWE-SOME and it was so cool how they let this little guy come up and play the tambourine for a set. He thought it was pretty cool too.

All of the kids requested Justin on the dance floor and then doused him with silly string. I'm sure the hall wasn't too happy and I'm not sure that Justin enjoyed it either, but it made for some fun pictures!

The band was seriously rockin' and had the dance floor packed all night!

And one last favorite from the day...

Sarah & Justin, you two are amazing couple and have some amazing friends and family. Thank you so much for allowing me to document your wedding day. It was just as amazing as you guys are!

Click here for a slideshow!

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